Zzalgern0n, the guy who brought you the Cherpumple Pie-Cake video, stopped by New York on his way to shoot a doc in Africa. He’s very particular in what he eats –a vegan that doesn’t eat much vegetables. He took me late at night to Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, where they have vegan slices and a Tom Hanks “T.hanks” trash bin. Zzalgern0n seems think it’s a landmark …the trash bin that is.

Vinnie’s had different outrageous looking slices of vegan and non-vegan. I was tempted at the multi-colored Tortellini slice, but went with the popular (according to them) Black Bean, Avocado & Feta slice. Zzalgern0n got the vegan Buffalo Chicken and Black Bean slices and a fake ham roll. It was weird, but I liked his vegan pizza a lot more than my non-vegan one. I don’t get it. …I only get T.hanks.

Zzalg’s bro IMed the next morning and asked if I hung with the Zz. I said:
Zzalgern0n and I went to an empty bar last night
They had a dog there
He ate vegan pizza…
Zzalgern0n ate the dog
…Thank you. I’ll be here all week.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria – 148 Bedford Ave (btwn N. 8th & 9th St) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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