Friends Eric and Leo had a preview of their upcoming shorts for HBO’s “Funny or Die Presents” at Black Rabbit last night. Watched, laughed, ate. May I recommend the Welsh Rarebit Fondue (beer fondue made with White Cheddar, Hoeggarden Beer, dry mustard and spices. Served with toasted bread cubes). I should’ve ordered some more sliders to dunk them in.

The shorts were great. I’m glad to see the comedy duo of Slovin & Allen back together out front in the limelight. It’s been a while. I remember seeing them on MTV and Comedy Central back when I was little kid. I’m not sure if I ever told them that. I’m not sure if I should.

The Slovin & Allen Show on HBO’s “Funny or Die Presents” this Friday at midnight.
Black Rabbit bar – 91 Greenpoint Ave (btwn Franklin & Manhattan Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11222

In the meantime, here are two high-schoolers performing an old Slovin & Allen bit…

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