As I was walking to Taste Good to get my usual lunch box of braised pork belly and bitter melon, I ran into a hip-hop guy who was asking people if they liked good music. The business man in front of me ignored him. When it came my turn, the hip-hop guy asked me how I was doing and put out his hand, so I shook it and continued the friendly conversation as he walked alongside me. He asked me if I liked good music. I told him, “Sorry, I can’t help you.” Then he quickly turned on me. He stopped. “Hey, I’m not a bum!” I turned around and was about to apologize. He said, “No. This relationship ends right here where you walk that way.” He was right. Then he continued to walk behind. “I was just trying to help your ears, man.” —Well if you wanted to know how to piss those guys off.

Taste Good gave me their lucky New Year candy. Crunchy and flaky sesame candy with a light flour dusting. Different and better than what I expected to find inside the wrapper. Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Tiger! Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I told my friends about my encounter and one of them said they ended up buying a CD because the guy wouldn’t leave him alone for several blocks. Where I had figured it was scam through intimidation and possibly a blank CD-R, he said it did have music on it …just really bad. So these guys are really looking for their big break? It would be interesting if those hip-hop hustlers ran into those sketchy music management/PR agencies that only need a several hundred dollars to get you famous …the ones that keep calling us.

Hitt Music Group voice messages

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  1. robert DiPalma

    where can I buy lucky New Year candy as I can’t find it and my wife love it


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