Had dinner with Mar and Marcellus after their mutual friend’s performance. And I’m just realizing now that I’m also their mutual friend, since Mar lives right above me and they know each other independently of me. She pointed out the Indonesian restaurant close by, serving perhaps Dutch-Indonesian or maybe a hybrid. I thought it was great. So much food I ate.

I think the special is the way to go. Soup or salad, a big platter of food (rice, chicken curry, beef satay, fried fish, veggies, shrimp cracker), beer or wine and a banana crepe dessert for $24. There were two other more expensive specials on the menu. I also ate Mar’s appetizers and Marcellus’ noodles. The roti canai’s curry dipping sauce isn’t as good as other places I’ve had, but good enough. The stuffed fried tofu was great with the java soya sauce.

I may have eaten Indonesian before and may have eaten at this very same place, but it was a good introduction to Indonesian cuisine while aware that I was eating Indonesian cuisine. Mar highly recommends Upi Jaya in Elmhurst, Queens for some authentic food. I gotta try that next. I had to keep emailing Marcellus to ask Mar what we ate. I forgot she lives right above me. I think I just heard her walk.

Bali Nusa Indah – 651 9th Ave (btwn 45th & 46th St) New York, NY 10036

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  1. Agnes Nichols

    Ate here last night ordered the rijstaffel for two. It was awesome. My husband sat back and said “i’m totally satisfied” with a hugh smile on his face. I am from dutch/indonesian decent and my OMA was a indonesian chef in Den Haag. Bali Nusa made me think of her 🙂


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