We hosted the football party last night. Russ and Bonnie both made their own separate pots of vegetarian chili. I was so confused. Why two chilis and why both vegetarian? Some of the chili went into a Frito Pie. Russ also made his nacho pizzas that he’s been eating every day for the past two weeks. Bonnie made a Buffalo Chicken Dip, a recipe that came through her sister via her friend via a cookie swap (link to recipe). I liked it. Like eating a bowl of sloppy cheesy dippy buffalo chicken bits.

Brett brought delicious Pupusas from Bahia down the street. Matt made Roasted Garlic Cauliflower -tasty and good for you. For you Food Network fans, Rachel (the winner of Worst Cooks in America) was here. Unfortunately, she didn’t make any food. Or maybe fortunately? I’m still trying to figure out if you win because you’re the #1 worst or best of the worst, which would put you closer to somewhere in the middle. Anyway, she brought chips and beer which is always good.

I was going to make three boxes of Zatarain’s, but there was way too much food already. I guess the Saints didn’t need my luck anyway. I declared that there was only one rule at the party –“Everyone has to shut the fuck up when Tebow’s on.” Then they told me they already showed the commercial and I was the one who was babbling through it.

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