Finally got around to trying Five Guys since Obama. I was wary of the free unlimited toppings, but I knew I wanted it all. I just wasn’t sure if they were going to give me stink eye. Been wary of unlimited toppings ever since my band almost broke up in New Haven because I wanted every single topping on the free pizza we were getting. Well Five Guys didn’t give me the stink eye and we didn’t almost break up. Burgers “All-The-Way” is actually programmed in the register.

(Toppings: Mayo, Relish*, Onions*, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomatoes, Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms, Ketchup, Mustard, Jalapeno Peppers*, Green Peppers, A-1 Sauce*, Bar-B-Q Sauce*, Hot Sauce*) *Upon request only.

Now that I see the asterisks on the menu, I don’t think I got those. If you say “everything,” you would think you’d get EVERYTHING. Isn’t that what I requested? That’s what I wanted. I guess I have to request all of them in addition to “everything.” Maybe they would have given me stink eye.

However, Obama is right. Five Guys is good. People should stop comparing it to In-N-Out though …because they should compare it to Wendy’s. Five Guys tastes like a better Wendy’s burger. I can’t point my finger on why, but it does. I almost want to say it’s the ketchup, but that sounds silly. The Cajun Fries were heavily coated in Old Bay-type seasoning. I love Old Bay, but maybe there’s too much on the fries.

Afterwards, Matt showed me some puppies in the window down the street. Then we walked by Waverly Diner and I looked at the people eating in the window. I almost tapped.

Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries – 296 Bleecker St (@ S 7th Ave) New York, NY 10014

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  1. Tio Wally

    It’s “Wary” not “Weary”. Wary = Leery, Suspicious (English); Weary = Tired (English), Pinyin (Chinese), Cansado (Spanish), Farmatert (Yiddish). Thank God you don’t write chyrons, Jason.

  2. CosetTheTable

    Five Guys is a regular thing down here, “everything” or “all the way” is just the ones without the asterisk. It’s partially because otherwise you’d end up with cooked onions and raw onions, among other things, and most people don’t actually want that. “Everything” is shorthand for “the normal grouping of toppings people seem to want”.

    But if you want more, they really don’t seem to mind or care down here. I’ve asked for more. Usually “everything, plus BBQ sauce”.

  3. Lauren

    I love that Five Guys is in New York! I am from Alexandria, VA, home of the first Five Guys. It is my favorite burger in the world.

  4. zdeezul

    comparing five guys to wendy’s is an insult to all things culinary. this article not only demonstrates your lack of understanding of the English language, but more importantly the narrow-mindedness of you palate.

      • peter

        jason, how dare you compare a fast food burger with another fast food burger

      • Rach

        At least you didn’t compare it to In N Out like everyone else. I agree it does have a similar Wendys taste. Not by the looks though.

    • Alex

      nope the writer is right 5 guys burgers taste just like Wendy’s burgers

  5. asw

    Ive never ever tasted a burger so delicious in my life they have the best burger they dont care about style or food wrapping but im sure they care about the taste if you wanna enjoy it you should be starving and order it

  6. Darkhorsenyc521

    five guys burgers are far from the best burgers I’ve had. highly overrated. that includes the fries, the hotdogs all of it. never had their veggie sandwich though. their fountain sodas are great though lol. the fact that they carry cherry coke is great. the fact that all of silly newspapers promote this chain makes me wonder. the fact that they’re displayed proudly makes me wonder. the fact that these quotes are so superfluous in their stores, you may eat one by accident makes me wonder. the burgers are similar to wendy’s burgers, except that wendy’s burgers are still much better than these burgers. five guys is overpriced as well. as far as i’m concerned, i make better burgers at home with bubba’s onion burgers found in the frozen aisle in your local grocery store.

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  8. Anonymous

    This is the worst review ever written by someone that clearly doesn’t know how to order food and who fails at humor.

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