Met up with friends at Gamal Hennessy’s release party for his book “Seize the Night” at Happy Ending. I had a good time. I saw girls making out with each other in the sauna room …it was only 7:30pm. We then heading over to Congee Village House for some Chinese grub. Plenty of food here, but no one ever seems to be thrilled with my suggestion of steamed bread with the condensed milk dipping sauce. That and no one ever wants to try my Pork Liver Congee rice porridge. I gotta say, the tofu in the Tofu/Mixed Vegetables was silky smooth and melted in my mouth. We paid $12 each after tip amongst the five of us. One of these days I’m going to rent out one of the downstairs private dining/karaoke rooms -banquet style. Even if I have to eat all the pork liver congee and steamed buns myself.

Congee Village House – 100 Allen St (@ Delancey St) New York 10002

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  1. Melinda

    I’ve never even heard about steamed breads and steamed buns before I came here. They look so pillow-y and delicious!

    • admin

      Yeah, I had forgotten about the steamed buns since I was a kid and until I moved to NY. I think I eat it more than pizza now.


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