One thing I noticed out in this part of Jamaica/Ozone Park, Queens is that every restaurant seems to have Chinese food. Guyanese Chinese food in particular. Never heard of it, but from my understanding it’s Chinese-American food cooked with Caribbean spices. Guyanese Chow Mein seemed immensely popular in this area. It was served at the West Indie and Indian restaurants, bakeries and even ice cream/sweets shops. To me it looked like regular Chow Mein/Lo Mein noodles.

I walked over to Sybil’s Bakery & Restaurant. A windowed counter of Caribbean curries/roti and Guyanese Chinese food. Another window with Caribbean baked goods. This place is popular. You have to take a ticket number to order and there always seemed like there was at least ten people waiting. My wait was about ten minutes.

I went with a Jamaican beef patty ($1.39) and a Guyanese Chicken patty ($1.25), because the whole Guyanese things sparked my curiosity. The beef patty was nothing special. It was fresh, but not necessarily better tasting than what you can find at a bodega. The Guyanese Chicken patty was a small little stuffed muffin-shaped patty. I thought that was pretty good. Ground chicken with Caribbean-style spices.

If anything, it seemed like people were there for the stewed/curry/rotis and baked bread. I wasn’t impressed by looking at them …that is until I saw the food at other nearby restaurants, which some looked like a dusty buffet. In comparison, Sybil’s hot food was like Boston Market sides vs KFC’s small coleslaw in the styrofoam cup.

Sadly, I didn’t try the Guyanese chow mein because I didn’t think I could put down a whole plate. That’s why I need to drag a friend to help me eat. Next time, Guyanese chow mein. One more post from Ozone Park to come.

Sybil’s Bakery & Restaurant – 13217 Liberty Ave. South Richmond Hill, NY 11419

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