I’m now writing a weekly post for Midtownlunch.com. It’ll feature lunches around my work hood, Flatiron. Read my first – Masala Dosa’s from Curry in a Hurry. I’m famous now!

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Jason Lam

Food blogger since 2008. Hair model since 2003.

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    • chinolam

      Yeah, I hear it both ways. I felt I needed to finally fix the blog so it would work on old IE browsers. It’s been over a year since it’s been crashing people’s computers.

      • Melinda

        I feel the old layout was aesthetically pleasing, but with this more simple layout the focus is all on the food 🙂

  1. curtyv

    I worked around Gramercy/Flatiron for a long time and explored a lot of the options due to general boredom and frustration. Looking forward to seeing some familiar and hopefully new places should I go back.

  2. Rick

    Have you tried the dosas at Minar, 138 West 46th St.? Really delicious, and cheap too. My Indian friends consider the food to be among the most authentic in the city.

    • chinolam

      I almost grabbed a beer at Singh’s. I wish I stayed for some food. I’m curious about the origins of Guyanese Chinese. If you have some insight, please let me know. Thanks!


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