It was Martin Luther King Day. I had the day off and wanted to explore. I was thinking I could just hop off some random train stop and walk around. It’s a good thing I checked with Google Maps street-view first, because that wouldn’t have worked.

I found this Time Out article about food neighborhoods and picked Jamaica, Queens/Ozone Park …not because it was Martin Luther King Day, but because I’ve been on a quest for good Caribbean/Jamaican Beef Patties since I’ve moved here. I still haven’t found patties as good as the ones I remember from Caribbean Spice in Gainesville, FL.

I took the hour-long subway trip out and hit up Anil’s Roti Shop for my first spot. They had good looking Caribbean slow cooked stews for their roti. I ordered a small Yukon Egg Ball –a hard boiled egg, breaded and deep fried with some spicy Caribbean-style hot sauce on top. The sauce had a nice burn. Around $1.50 …more of my day adventure to come.

Anil’s Roti Shop – 12501 Liberty Ave. South Richmond Hill, NY 11419

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