Took a trip to Jersey to work on some music with Rik & Nancy. I almost thought about stopping by Medieval Times to food blog, but I’m glad I was fed by my gracious hosts instead.

Nancy made Shabu Shabu, which was great and now I want to get a hot pot. It reminded me of my first Christmas in New York. My co-worker, Crystal, invited me and a few other co-workers for Shabu-Shabu. Everyone kept using their chopsticks to pick out of the hot pot, but I noticed Crystal kept trying to give me other utensils to pick food out. I was drunk and insisted on using my chopsticks. The next day I realize why she did that. I had a big cold sore on my lip. I kept praying no one would get my sore. When we got back to work after the holidays, I saw Takashi with his own herpe. Uh-oh.

Rik was working on his Deep Dish Pizza recipe for dinner. He was really excited. Sausage, onions, fresh mozzarella and basil. He regrettably used too much pizza dough in the casserole dish. It was super thick and doughy, but I thought it was pretty good in a pizza version of chicken & dumplings kinda way. I think it could be a new dish.

Rik & Nancy kept feeding me food and small bottles of plum wine all day. It was like visiting my parents. It was awesome. Medieval Times, till next time.

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