I didn’t see a price on this Cinnabon Lip Balm from Lotta Luv, but it rang up at 59cents at my Duane Reade. They had other flavors like Tootsie Roll, Twinkies and Dairy Queen. It doesn’t quite smell like Cinnabon, but it did make my leftover veggie stew taste sweet like I put a packet of Splenda on it.

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  1. Tio Wally

    Okay, I’ll bite (or would it more accurately be “pucker”?): What the hell does “Dairy Queen” taste like? Frankly, Jason, if I didn’t have a certain amount of trust in you, I’d swear this was a gag; and a very good one at that. So please get thee back to the local Duane Reade, buy the Dairy Queen-flavored lip balm, have a good schmear, and let me know what it tastes like before my imagination runs wild through the canyons of my mind.

    Uh oh … To the tune of “The Windmills Of Your Mind”:
    Like a lip balm in a tube, like the tube that’s in my hand, as my hand reaches my lips, my lips are smeared with vaseline, vaseline that’s lightly flavored, flavoring I’ve never seen, anywhere or anytime, and it tastes like Dairy Queen, Dairy Queen taste just like ????, ???? I never dreamed, dreamed could come from such a tube, a tube I bought from Duane Reade ….

  2. lancaster farmers market

    After I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me of new comments” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get 6 separate emails with the identical comment. Is there any thing you may fix this? Thanks for your help!


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