There was a sign on the (El Carrito Rojo) El Sabor Del Taco Truck that said “Stewed Chicken/Beef Carne Guisada $5. I asked what is “guisada?” The guy asked the other guy and he said “stewed beef”. This here is a platter of the stewed beef guisada with fried plantains, pinto beans, rice and salad. The beef is the same meat they put in your taco or torta, but not cut up. I had two hefty giant steak chunks. One as big as a chipmunk and the other a gerbil. It was tough. I got a work out eating it. The plantains were starchy and cold. The rice and beans were good. I don’t know if my judgement is all relative within the platter, but I could eat just a plate of that.

As far as giant chipmunk sized beef chunks, you get bang for you buck …meat for you munk. Chicken could be the way to go though.

El Sabor Del Taco Truck – W. 19th St. & Ave of Americas NYC
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  1. Jesse

    I’m from San Antonio, Texas… Best Tex Mex anywhere amazing amzing food. Carne guisada meat cut bite size and smaller and tender like pot roast that falls apart when you cut into it and the grave it’s in should be pure heaven. It doesn’t sound like you had a proper carne guisada experience.

  2. Jesse

    Plantains? Why are plantains on every Tex Mex plate in this city? Plantains are more of an Latin Islander thing. I have yet to find a true Tex Mex eatery in NYC.

  3. snn

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