Had lunch with Matt on Korean Way at Kunjip. I got the Haejang Guk (hot and spicy stew of ox-bone and ox-blood with assorted vegetables $8.95). The box bone was about three inches thick with some tender meat on it. They were generous with the congealed ox-blood globs, which had the texture between firm tofu and liver. There is some iron/bloody richness to it, but not as much as blood sausage. It was surprisingly my favorite part of the dish. There wasn’t much flavor in the whole Haejung though. I’m not sure if it’s what I order, but I never seem to find enough flavor out of the entrees. It’s a good thing they give you an array of banchan side dishes like kimchi and vegetables which are very flavorful. Mix it up with my dish and I’m set.

Matt had the Boo Dae Chigae (beef sausage, spam, bacon and vegetables seasoned in spicy red sauced $8.95). Looking this up, it was originated during the Korean War where the poor would collect leftovers from the American Soldiers …Hot dogs, ham, vegetables, rice and throw in ramen noodles. Matt’s dish was more flavorful than mine. It was the salty Spam and the bacon that was like Asian stewed pork belly chunks, which had a bit of tea flavor I thought. I guess I need to start ordering my Korean food with Spam.

Kunjip – 9 W 32nd St (btw 5th Ave & Bway) New York NY10001

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