My sister sent me a holiday package from Omaha Steaks. To be honest, I was little skeptical when I saw it. Frozen meat? Bacon wrapping a good piece of tenderloin …why do you go and do that? Why send me this meat when I have amazing local meat shops in my neighborhood (i.e. Mario & Sons on Metropolitan in Brooklyn)? So I was hesitant to make use. But in this freezing weather where the snow is blasting sideways, this was the perfect opportunity to stay inside, cook some of this up and watch football.

I followed the broiled directions after seasoning with a little bit of sea salt and pepper. My first time broiling a steak. I couldn’t figure out if the broiler should be on the hi or lo setting, as it didn’t say in the cooking instructions. Are most broilers set to one setting? I think it should be on hi for my stove after messing around with it. So around 5-6 mins on each side in the broiler for medium-rare. I didn’t side sear it to crisp up the bacon like it instructed as optional. Left it a little soft, but that was fine with me. Next time I’ll pan-sear the top and bottom of the steak before I put in the broiler –for color and sealing in the juices …or just pan it all the way.

As the filet mignon was cooking, I popped in a couple of Omaha Steaks’ Potatoes au Gratin in the microwave for 3 mins, per instructions. They were frozen ball shaped before, then turns into a popped glob after the nook. I threw them in the broiler to crisp them up for a few mins with the steaks. Perhaps better to bake them in the oven as in the alternate instructions, but that’s about a 25-30mins process. I think the microwave->broiler way was fine.

So what did I think? The Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon: Pretty good. I didn’t put too much salt to begin with, but the saltiness of the bacon adequately flavored the meat. The Potatoes au Gratin were really good. It’s like a fried ball of seasoned mashed potatoes. Overall I can’t say the steak is better than what I can get at my butcher, but not bad for a frozen gift package. I still got a way to go. There’s more of the steaks and potatoes, along with a bunch of burgers, beef lasagna and a cheesecake. Now I don’t feel so bad about the Omaha Steaks packages I’ve sent my family in the past.

Omaha Steaks website

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