This new Mission-style burrito & taco place has only been open for two months and it’s one of the hottest places on Yelp. A lot of the reviews on there do make the comparison with the burritos from the West Coast. Just like if you open up any burger place in NYC, someone’s going to compare it to In-N-Out. Now I really don’t think San Fran Mission burritos are anything to brag about from my visit this past August. I’ve had Chipotle and I think that’s good.

Now does Dos Toros make a good burrito without the comparisons? I say yes. Although I’m now going to say it is comparable to Chipotle. Less slop of sour cream than you’d get from Chipotle and I think I got a heap more of the Carnitas/pork, which was really good.

The tiny place was full during last night’s freezing weather. Perhaps, the NYU students are back in town. I luckily found a seat by the time I got my food. High turnover I suppose. The staff was nice. Asked me how I liked the food.

Dos Toros practices sustainability (locally raised chicken fed without hormones or antibiotics, organic beans, and recycled materials for their furniture) …also comparable to what Chipotle tries to do. Alright, I say you know Chipotle taste good (if you’re not blinded by your biases). So Dos Toros is better if you like everything about Chipotle, but don’t want to support the big corporation. Plus Tecate is only $2.30. That’s amazing.

…Also if someone thinks they can’t find a good taco in NY like they have in LA, I think they only know about Chipotle or Taco Bell. Like my friend Zzlagern0n told me the other day, “New York be all like this and LA be all like that.”

Dos Toros Taqueria – 137 4th Ave (btw 13th & 14th St) New York, NY 10003

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