Amazing party last night. Had a ton of fun. Thanks to all the bands, people who brought cookies, people who ate cookies, our prize sponsors (VendrTV, Ramen and Friends and Jackson Fish Market), El Diablo Taco Truck for being open and of course Union Pool.

Everyone was a winner, but the prized trophy went to Bonnie for her Bourbon Balls. Yeah, she’s my roommate. These things are all rigged. I guess the trophy just goes back to my apartment. It’s a little ironic, because I gave prizes to pretty much everyone except her at last year’s contest. And she comes back with a vengeance and takes it all. Well deserved though. I heard so much about her balls all night.

Thanks Brad and Jessica (This Frontier Needs Heroes) for making this happen.

There’s also some great photos on my friend Joel’s Flickr.

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