We have a Top Chef Season 5 DVD Giveaway, courtesy of Bravo’s Top Chef’s Eat Tastefully microsite. The Challenge: What dish you would make for Padma? It must include the use of a locally sourced produce or meat (from your area), cinnamon, a nutcracker and a deep fryer. Leave your answer (what and how) in the comments. Enter as many times as you like. The most creative/best sounding recipe wins. Please put your email in the corresponding field. You won’t be put on any mailing list. It’s just so I can contact you if you win. Contest ends Thursday December 17th 2009 11:59pm, the minute before my birthday!

In the meantime, here’s a Top Recipe from Eat Tastefully.

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  1. jeff

    I’m an awful cook so instead I’d like to take Padma out on romantic night of heavy drinking which hopefully culminates in her professing her undying love for me while undressing.

    • chinolam

      @jeff …thanks for leaving a comment. Looks like you just might win …if no one else writes anything. Any takers?

  2. Bonnie

    Does beer count as a local produce? I could crack some peanuts. Poach them in a shallow saucepan with beer from the Brooklyn Brewery, until they are thender. Then deep fry the peanuts in oil until they are brown. Finally toss them with cinnamon and sugar.

  3. Sam Shady

    I’ll take some eggplant grown at BK Farmyards, sixteen walnuts (still in shell) and an outdoor turkey deep fryer (not the indoor electric one).

    I will take all those ingredients and throw them in my fridge (including the deep fryer). Then I will go to White Castle and buy a Crave Case.

    Padma will enjoy the succulent hamburgers while I provide entertainment by swallowing a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

  4. Deep Fryer

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