When the weather sucks, it’s the perfect time to go to Shake Shack. Now that it’s getting chilly outside, the lines are getting shorter. Sam and I got there around 12:30 prime lunch time today and only had to wait behind ten people. Waiting for the burger was a bit longer (around 15mins). Plenty of empty tables, but only a few heating poles that are only moderately warm.

For those who don’t know, here’s the Shack Stack Burger below. It’s a deep-fried portobello mushroom filled with cheese on top of a cheeseburger with their fancy sauce, lettuce and tomato. It’s a big stack, but when you bite down onto it, the deep-fried mushroom patty collapses and the melted cheddar and muenster cheese goozes out. Now this deep-fried mushroom & cheese patty is what you get when you order the vegetarian (‘Shroom) burger. But don’t think the veggie patty and the beef patty cancel each other out. It probably triples it’s unhealthiness (sum being greater than its parts).

Update: I just got word from Shake Shack’s PR that you can call ahead to order your burgers & skip the line and wait. Sounds even better than what I did. Here’s the info:

  • Winter hours are 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM seven days a week
  • Call-in orders accepted from Tuesday, December 1st, through Sunday, February 28th
  • Phone orders are for pick-up only
  • Phone lines open at 10:00 AM and close at 8:30 PM; Shack team will give you an exact time when orders will be ready
  • Orders for groups of 20 or more will be accepted a day in advance
  • Call (212) 889-6600 to place an order
  • A credit card number is required for all call-in orders
  • Phone Orders: Head straight to the Pick Up Window to grab your food and go
  • Sorry, no delivery

Shake Shack – 11 Madison Ave (@ E. 23rd St in Madison Square Park) New York 10010
01 Shack Stack Burger - Shake Shack02 Shack Stack Burger - Shake Shack

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  1. William Very Hung

    Man, that cannot be good for the arteries. We American fry even the cheese. I am trying to cut back bad stuff but looking at these pics are not helping at all.

  2. Nick

    The Shack Stack is the greatest invention of the century! Its so amazingly good I waited over two hours one day to get one. It was worth every bit though my arteries were not fans, I got hooked!


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