A couple of weeks ago, I was craving curry. I don’t know when I’m not. Anyway I went to the closest Indian place to my work, Sirtaj. I decided to try their Friday daily special, Batair Masala (quail cooked in special sauce served with rice or paratha or naan) $6 after tax or whatever they charge from the $5.50 price.

I was wondering if they already had the quails cooked and pre-prepared since it’s their daily special. But how many people actually order the quail? I waited ten minutes, so I’m not sure what that means in their kitchen.

To my surprise, the quail came whole in a small soup container filled with brown curry sauce. The sauce was the winner. The quail was tricky to eat with the small bones and using only a plastic fork and spoon. It was good though. I just kept wondering how fresh the bird was. The cup of white sauce is delicious too. And as I said before, that brown quail sauce is awesome. It didn’t taste too spicy as I was eating, but I was definitely sweating.

I did come back another day and tried their Chicken Tikka Masala, thinking it will probably be the same sauce …masala sauce? But it wasn’t. It was red and yucky. That came out in ten seconds after I ordered. So they must have some food already prepared back there.

Next time, I can do with just the Batair Masala sauce sans quail. But look how cool that lil’ guy is just chilling on that platter of rice. It’s the next Spuds MacKenzie.

Sirtaj – 36 W 26th St (btw Bway & 6th Ave) New York 10010

01 Batair Masala Quail - Sirtaj Indian Restaurant02 Batair Masala Quail - Sirtaj Indian Restaurant

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