Bonnie took me to a Thanksgiving leftover party the other night. The host, Teva, made this awesome Turkey Tetrazzini. He said it’s from Giada De Laurentiis’ recipe, which is the only recipe he doesn’t stray from …I guess outside of the chicken. I watched him make it and it seemed very complicated. I would think you just throw in your meat, your pasta and a can of cream of mushroom soup …but I know it ain’t that easy based on my latest Thanksgiving cooking experience.

Teva’s (or Gianda’s) Tetrazzini was really good. Comforting. So if you guys are still working on your turkey leftovers, this is a good idea. I remember taking Advanced Food class in high school, where we roasted a turkey at the beginning of the semester. And from there on out, all the dishes we learned were based on the turkey leftovers for the rest of the semester. I wrote a song about it. This was over ten years ago, so don’t judge harshly. There’s a rad psychedelic keyboard interlude courtesy of the Hinkle Way.

Szechwan Pork – The Turkey Song

01 Turkey Tetrazinni

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