I was craving some Pakistani food the other day, so I headed over to the two Pakistan/Indian/Bangladesh restaurants that are side by side on 29th St. The kind of restaurants with curries already cooked and ready to serve from steam trays. When I got there, there were 200 Muslims lined up and praying right in front of the two restaurants. I even saw guys abandoning their nearby halal carts and running over to line up. I didn’t know what to do. I really wanted some curry, but I didn’t want to be the one jerk who interrupted 200 Muslims’ prayer to get that curry.

Anyway I came back. Went to La.Sani where I’ve had their chicken curry lunch special before. I asked the guy to name all the stuff they had out. One of them was lamb feet. Alright! New to me. Time to try. I got the lamb feet with a side of okra and veggies on brown rice. The guy loaded it up and it looked awesome, until he squashed it down with the flat lid. I tried to spring some life back into it in the photo below. It also comes with a small salad wrapped in foil and a small cup of cool creamy cucumber-type sauce.

If you ever tried pig feet, lamb feet is somewhat similar. Not much meat, if any. Mostly gelatinous stuff that is almost like fat (possibly it is partly fat?), but it’s lighter than pig’s feet and less of it (at least in this dish). The lamb feet bones are long and skinny. It’s mostly bones and cartilage here and a bit of the edible gelatinous stuff. I was a little embarrassed if a co-worker caught me sucking the marrow out of the lamb feet bones. I got some of it out.

The okra and veggies were tasty. Not overly spicy. And the cool cucumber-type sauce was good over everything. $7.

La.Sani Restaurant – 15 W 29th St (btw Broadway & 5th Ave) NYC 10001

01 Lamb Feet - La.Sani

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  1. nina

    eid is coming up…lotsa of delish food if your invited to any family gatherings in addition to spiritual reverence


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