The Egg McMuffin, the best breakfast sandwich ever made. It’s comfort food. I remember my dad dropping lil’ chinolam off to daycare and I didn’t like being there. The only comfort was my Egg McMuffin and Hash Brown. As I grew up and slept-in late on Saturdays, he’d leave a bag of it on the dining room table for me. It wasn’t good cold, but it was good knowing I was being taken care of.

I’m in need of that comfort food now and boy was I hankering for that Egga McMuffin. Even though I rarely eat before noon, I made a special trip in the morning. It turns out I just missed it. Micky D’s stops serving breakfast at 10:30am. Why? It’s the best thing they have and the best breakfast sandwich ever. It should be available around the clock. I dunno, 10:30 seems too early. People want a Big Mac’a by then? This isn’t the 80’s. This is post 9/11. People want to be able to eat breakfast on their own schedule, like TiVo.

From Wikipedia says: “In the 1970s, some McDonald’s restaurants served Egg McMuffins all day as a promotion. Several countries serve Egg McMuffins around the clock, due to the prominent use of the egg in meals other than breakfast in those countries. US restaurants usually restrict the item to the breakfast menu.”

Apparently, there was some consideration for bringing McDonald’s breakfast full time since it’s their most profitable. But for some reason it didn’t work out. Here’s an article from 2007.

I feel like if we can have high speed wireless internet with pornography being transmitted through mid-air all around us, the T-Pain iPhone app and Bacon-flavored envelopes, we can figure out a way to make an Egg McMuffin after 10:30am.

I ended up eating this from my regular spot. Taste Good – 18 W 25th St. (btwn Broadway & 6th St), New York 10010
01 Fish head lunch - Taste Good

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  1. nina

    10:30? hmm…dunno if it’s just a Manhattan thang.The mcDs in greenpoint has breakfast until 11…not sure if half an hour makes a difference to you

    • chinolam

      @nina… yeah, I thought I beat the clock. But this Manhattan McDonalds just made me feel stupid when I asked if they still served breakfast. It was around 10:45.


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