There’s no reason for me to put any more effort or time into this garbage, but I was pointed out to this on DocChuck’s myspace… It’s ridiculous and I can still find the humor in it. I just don’t understand why this guy is so mad at me, when he’s the one who commented on my blog and I was just showcasing it …giving him the attention that he obviously wants. Let’s get back to food …now.

Ladies and Gentleman, once again, Chicken & Waffle Man

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  1. Anonymous

    I bet this guy does not have a dime to his name. He doesn’t even know the definition of libel. He is better off suing himself for buying a computer.

  2. nina

    this dude is dim wit and lacks creativity. i’m sure he’s frantically googling what “libel” means…*snore* less up chuck and back to the food


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