A Ramen and Friends event in Kensington, Brooklyn at Cafe Sim-Sim (Azerbaijani food). Yoshie set up a set menu with the owner/chef at $30 a head. It was originally $50/pp, but she got it knocked down for a smaller menu. Good thing she did, because there was so much food. I actually thought the first course was all the food we were eating. But they kept bringing out more dishes.

My favorites were the Potato Salad, the Panfried Potatoes with Chanterelle Mushrooms (a pile of deliciously greasy homefries and the mushrooms were great), the Kutabi crepe (thin and filled with lamb meat), the buttery meat dumplings (throw a dash on salt on it and it’s perfect).

By the time the kebab platter came out, I was so stuffed. The platter was filled with chicken, lamb, ribs and fries. My favorite was the ground lamb wrapped in an tortilla.

The place is BYOB, but I think they might have some beer available. It was such a good deal and great food. I’d recommend getting a group together and setting up a dinner event. Great job, Yoshie. A day later, I’m still full and drunk.

Caf̩ Sim-Sim Р312 Ditmas Avenue (@ E 3rd St) Brooklyn 11218
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  1. Anonymous

    That kabab platter looks handsome. I think I could finish the whole plate sitting down with 2 beers.

  2. Melinda

    every single dish looks so delicious, especially the buttery dumplings

  3. dale

    i went to this restaurant with my girlfriend we both had gyro pitas as well as falafell with hummus it was so delicious
    and one of the best things i ever ate was their lamb lulya with the fresh cut fries
    totally loved it
    btw i think thier gyro turkish kitchen is new because you wrote azerbaijan but their gyro is very good


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