I tried an even Poorer Man’s version of the lobster roll with some imitation crab/lobster meat. Mixed it up with some mayo, salt and pepper. Put it on a pan-toasted hot dog bun with a little olive oil. Added pickles. It was really good for what it was. Subtle imitation shellfish flavor. Meat is more firm, like baloney chunks. Better than the crab from a can version I made last week. The imitation crab/lobster meat is cheap. I could make about 5-6 sandwiches from the $2 pack I got at the grocery. Fast and easy prep. Nothing to cook. Made from a Brooklyn apartment.

01 Imitiation Lobster Roll Sandwich

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  1. Anonymous

    You got the cheap imitation crap meat. Asian markets have different grades of fake crab meat. Get the ones that you can pollio string cheese the meat. They taste better but still a lot cheaper than the real thing.

  2. chinolam

    ooh, I didn’t realize those were better. I thought it was just a different shape. But now that I think about it, I have had imitation crab meat where it pulls apart like fibers. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Anonymous

    dear lord- for 20 bucks i would not eat that. scratch that 50 bucks. i have pride

  4. Invisible_Jester89

    As a poor college student that loves her seafood, something like this would be an excellent dormfood. I love making casseroles with imitation crab and lobster meat too. Thanks for the quick dinner idea!

    May I suggest cutting the imitation lobster meat into smaller chunks, taking a little bit of red vinegar and dashing it into the mayo, and then perhaps adding some celery? That will give you a slight acetic taste as well that goes really nice with the lobster and mayo, and the celery will give some added crunch that pickles just can’t quite give you. Try making a larger version on a lightly toasted or steamed mini-sub bun. We always have those at my house and I use them for sandwiches a lot.

    Try to go for the good imitation stuff – some brands are better than others. Store-brand or “Brand X” style versions never taste all that good; try to get some made by an actual seafood company. They usually know what they’re doing far better than something store-branded does.


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