I’ve been visualizing myself as Don Draper lately and I ended up bringing home a bottle of rye …the same night Russ was making chili. We decided to join forces and add the whiskey to his chili –based on this recipe. It’s weird that they have full-on recipes for Whiskey Chili where they tell you how to make the chili. Why not just say “add whiskey to your chili”? I once made Chocolate Chili (that won 2nd place in a chili cook-off) by just adding chocolate to chili. At the time I didn’t realize it was wrong of me to use a pre-made can of Goya though.

Our Whiskey Chili was disgusting. Maybe you would have different results if you follow the recipe to a tee. But I can’t see how much better it could be. He’s just making fancy chili in that recipe and adding whiskey, right?

Speaking of Don Draper, I was out looking for a trench coat last night. I remember Banana Republic had a Mad Men inspired clothing line and that’s where I ran into my friend Bobby. He was getting new pants. I had just seen his new video, “Bobby’s Pre-Dinner Dinner Show.” Funny stuff.

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