I remember catching my co-worker eating a sweet dessert crepe for his lunch in the window of 22 Happy Cups around the block. It didn’t surprise me since I think he has a thing for Boo-Berry cereal, but I did surprise him when I crept up to the window and his crepe. Boo!

I decided to try the Korean beef Bulgogi crepe lunch special for $6.95. There was a lot of confusion as to where the line was, since no one was any help (customers too lazy to tell the person next to them that they had already ordered and not in line). But even so, it did take a while to get my order taken at the counter. I sat down and watched the people roll in thinking they were in a line. I suppose I also shied away from telling them, but I’d be basically calling out the people in front of them for keeping their mouths shut.

Then there was a loud hobo that strutted in and wasn’t shy to cut to the counter. He spent five minutes asking about ice cream and my crepe. He thought my beef crepe was ice cream. He got the vanilla ice cream …not the beef crepe.

The Bulgogi beef crepe was interesting because the crepe was a little sweet, which I didn’t expect. Sweet and Savory. I wonder if some kimchi on the side would work.

22 Happy Cups – (CLOSED) 688 6th Ave (btw 22nd & 21st St) New York 10010
01 Korean Beef Bulgogi Crepe - 22 Happy Cups02 Inside the Bulgogi Crepe - 22 Happy Cups

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  1. Anonymous

    i heart your blog, i’ve said it before… the stories are great and including prices is very helpful, but i’d love to know if you’d hit up some of these places again. that would help some of us decide whether we’d hit em up at all.

  2. chinolam

    @anon… true. It’s probably because I try to hit as many different spots and rarely do go back. I should write a post of my top pick favs of the week or month or something. I think that should clear things up. I know, sometimes I forget to say if I like the food. Thanks for the suggestion.


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