Brunch with Marcellus Hall at Cafe Colonial, the cute Brazilian restaurant I’ve passed many times on Houston. I got the Cowboy Rice – rice sauteed with beef, served with black beans and two eggs. I don’t know if beef fried rice is worth $15, but it was decent and I left stuffed. I believe the beef was made from skirt steak.

The waitress switched Tobasco bottles on us, when the one we had was pretty full. I had a hard time getting the sauce out of the new bottle. I thought we were X’d. She’s like Jamie Kennedy, but a lot prettier.

Marcellus sketched me studying the menu. I’m grateful he didn’t give me a double chin.

Cafe Colonial – 276 Elizabeth St (@ Houston St) New York 10012

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  1. kim

    What’s in that salad? It looks good. I’ve wanted to try this place, but heard mixed reviews.

    • admin

      @kim… oh yeah. It was (beans, corn, cheese, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, cilantro avocado spread served on a tortilla). Almost like a soft shell taco salad without meat. I think Cafe Colonial is just okay… especially if you’re not on a budget and looking for something in the area.

  2. kim

    so what restaurant would u recommend around that area then? HOw much was the salad anyway? Thanks.

  3. admin

    @kim… that Sante Fe salad was $13. The small orange juice was a hefty $4.50! Even though I haven’t tried it, I’d say check DBGB Kitchen for that brunch price range. Looks pretty good. Maybe I should try soon!

  4. kim

    I’ve been to DBGB and got the chop-chop salad. Not impressed at that price. Limited vegetarian options on the menu as well. Good for meat-eaters I guess.


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