The rain didn’t keep the large crowd away from the Dumpling Festival yesterday. I couldn’t even see the stage because of all the people, who seemed to be in long lines for dumplings.

The festival wasn’t just about Asian dumplings, but of all kinds from all over the world –like pierogis for instance. There were new kinds I’ve never heard of like Kuih Koci (Malaysia), Idli (India), Palitaw (Phillipines). Then there were ones I don’t consider dumplings like Tamales (Mexico), Gnocchi (Italy) and Bao (China). I wouldn’t really couldn’t understand the huge ass line for a small $5 plate of gnocchi. I ran into Allison on the tamale line. We talked for about ten minutes. I don’t think the line moved.

They had the World’s Largest Whole Wheat Dumpling on display. I thought it was made out of clay. Allison wondered how big the World’s Largest Non-Whole Wheat Dumpling was.

There was a Dumpling Eating Contest, Break Dancing and Acrobatic Performance. The big draw despite the weather –it was a pretty successful event to hawk TMI Food Group/Chef One dumplings and products. $5 seems like a lot for the small plates of dumplings, but at least it went to a good cause –The Food Bank of NYC.

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