Saw some old Gainesville friends, Holopaw, at the City Reliquary in Brooklyn as part of their CMJ tour. The City Reliquary is quite amazing –a little museum of NYC knickknacks and artifacts. Looking from the outside, I expected it to be the size of my bathroom. It actually extends out to a really nice backyard where they are occasionally holding events.

Got to play with a kid and his trucks in the backyard. Then he sprayed me down with an imaginary fire-hose. Then he played tugging with a dog that rolled around in poo.

Afterwards a bunch of Gainesville people and I headed over to one of my old favorites, the Lodge – the place where one of the managers looks like Chris Cornell. I ordered a Gruyère Cheese Burger and I was impressed how dissatisfied I was with it after drinking so many beers. Am I learning to control my taste for food in a drunken state …or am I getting used to drinking a lot?

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