Ordered the Great Burrito burrito from Great Burrito. It has chicken, beef and pork with this mushy rice that I’ve never liked. It’s been years since I’ve had it and wondered what I would think now that I’m used to this type of Mexican food (meaning not Chipotle). It’s actually pretty good. I didn’t mind the rice this time. Maybe go with just the roast pork. It’s the best of their meats.

Taking my lunch back to work today, there was a lady shouting on her phone behind me. “No, I’m not asking! We’re having dinner tonight! …We ARE having dinner tonight! …I’m not on my period!” I wonder where they’re eating.

Great Burrito – 100 W 23rd St (@ 6th Ave) New York 10011

01 The Great Burrito02 The Great Burrito

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