Russ wasn’t trying to be creative, he was just trying to eat dinner when he came up with his opened-face Mashed Lima Bean Sandwich. I tasted it and it isn’t as bad as it looks. Heat up a can of Krasdale lima beans, mash it up, salt & pepper to taste (maybe some Accent), slop it down on a potato roll/burger bun, and top it off with Red Devil hot sauce.

You know how kids like to eat disgusting looking things. Maybe you can trick them into eating their lima beans with this “Vomit sandwich.”

01 Mashed Lima Bean Sandwich

…I promise the next post will look more appetizing.

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  1. Syd

    Dude, that is all kinds of wrong. I don’t why my dumb ass is laughing at it, because I’m kind of gagging too.


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