Susan recommended the new seafood restaurant, Sel de Mer, in our hood with high praise. This place has been opened for a couple months now, located on Graham Ave where the falafel place used to be. I liked that falafel place and how they used to have a photocopied letter under the glass of each table from a gentleman (and perhaps a scholar) who wanted to say thank you for the best falafel and he knows well because he is the great-grandson of one of the guys who invented Pepsi or Coke. I thought it was funny that a guy who is not famous in his own right took the time to mail a letter from far away saying how great a falafel tasted in Williamsburg Brooklyn, especially with a glass of cola. I was sad to see this place go.

Went to try brunch today at Sel de Mer. It was well understaffed. It took about twenty minutes to take our order and with only a few other tables seated. Looking over at another table, the blueberry pancakes looked amazing, but I had my mind set on seafood and locked on the fish sliders. The waitress told us the specials, which included a Whole Lobster and fries for only $16. I couldn’t believe it when I asked the price. It was too good of a deal to pass up, despite my allergy to shellfish –itchy mouth.

The lobster was bigger than I expected for the price and was tasty. It didn’t need much butter or lemon. It had its own juices, red lobster roe and the green gunk (tomalley) that gave it some flavor. I guess you’re not really supposed to eat that green gunk, but I couldn’t resist dipping my fries into it.

I tasted the Fish & Chips and Eggs Benedict with Salmon –all very good. I’m considering going back tomorrow to see if they have lobster again.

Sel de Mer – 374 Graham Ave (btw Skillman Ave & Conselyea St) New York 11211

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  1. Anonymous

    >>the green gunk (tomalley) that gave it some flavor. I guess you’re not really supposed to eat that green gunk

    No way. You are supposed to eat it. It’s mana. It’s the unspicy wasabi of the sea. It’s the green uni. How awesome it would taste on toast?

  2. Bruce

    Actually Anonymous the Japanese call the green stuff “miso” and you can eat it out of crab too. Miso is really a term for items of paste consistency. Awesome served over rice 😉


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