I was walking down the Avenue of Puerto Rico in Brooklyn looking for some new Air Jordans. A man handed me a slip of paper that said “God Wants Change Your Life” and when I took it, he laughed loud like a crazy maniac.

I got a spicy beef patty ($1.50) and coco bread ($1) from Mama’s Caribbean –a converted Golden Krust. I never thought Golden Crust made good patties, but I knew no two are equal and wanted to give this empty converted restaurant a chance. The flavor wasn’t bad, but why do they all make their meat pâté-like and their coco bread from a store bought bag? I would love to find patties and fresh baked coco bread comparable to Caribbean Spice in Gainesville, FL. That food was so awesome and the Jamaica travel poster with the big breasted girl was a nice touch too. Tebow should send me some Caribbean Spice!

Mama’s did have roti and I’m interested to try that with curry goat.

After looking at some Air Jordan knock-offs and looking for the old man who passes out in his chair on the street selling socks, holding them up in his sleep, wearing sunglasses and jaw dropped (like Weekend at Bernies), I decided to go and get the real thing at ACTIVE warehouse. It has a fuzzy swoosh. I’m a happy man.

Mama’s Caribbean Grill & Bakery – 715 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11206

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  1. Anonymous

    Jackie’s West Indian Bakery
    1203 E 233rd St, Bronx, NY
    (718) 994-2541 ‎


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