After the Drink + Draw at Local 269, a few of the artists and I grabbed a bite at Bereket. I’ve walked by there so many times and surprisingly this is my first time stepping in. The kebab meat is grilled fresh to order. My friend ordered the chicken shish and I ordered the chicken kebab (spicy). I was almost positive they pulled out the same skewers for both of us. When I repeated my order to him, he was like “yeah, I got it” and winked at his co-worker. Somehow in the end, they were different (I think) and very good. I’ll be passing by a little less and stepping in more.

There’s a cartoon over the door on the inside of a fat baby in a diaper with green nipples, carving doner/gyro meat while feeding a snake –to tell you that the ATM is outside 24 hours.

Later that evening around 3am, I almost called Rob, who was holding my drawings, to tell him to add to one of them where I had Dracula and a talking balloon that said “I luv fooseball” –I wanted him to make it say “I luv American fooseball.” Maybe too much drink and not enough draw.

Bereket Turkish Kebab House – 187 E Houston St (@ Orchard St) New York 10002

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