My friends Liz and Will (who painted this amazing Dexter mosaic on blood slides) suggested I check out Tacos Nuevo Mexico down in Park Slope. I remember this florescent-lit place when I used to live down there. I figure I’d revisit it for some tacos before I went to Ike’s first birthday nearby. When I got there, I was bummed seeing the gates shuttered. But I noticed there was Tacos Nuevo Mexico right next door that I thought was a fancy bar. They apparently opened this nicer place in conjunction to the one next door. The decor is night & day and looks as if Disney World and Congee Village House got together to build a Wild West Mexican restaurant.

They brought out complimentary chips and salsa, which was amazing (spicy, fresh –not the saucy jar kind). I ordered a veal brain taco ($2.75) …and so they wouldn’t think I was a creep, a roast pork taco ($2.25). Prices not much more than they used to be at the old place. I expected veal brains to be gooey, but it was like a cross between dried chicken meat and pork with spicy red sauce. It wasn’t much different than the mediocre pork tacos I had in Los Angeles recently. I wonder if they’re secretly feeding them veal brains. The roast pork taco at Nuevo Mexico was heavenly. No real reason to get a veal brain taco when there’s the awesome roast pork taco, unless you’re curious or a creep.

They brought out four different hot sauces. Nice if you like to try different flavors. I was leaving the place sweating.

I don’t remember liking the food as much as I did this time. Maybe it had to do with new restaurant and appearance. It’s a much nicer place to eat. I saw a few Mexican blue-collar workers enjoying a nice after-work beer and couples ready to get their sexy on, all while the multiple wall-embedded televisions played Mexican News. This place is the future of hole-in-the-wall taquerias. It’s three thousand and eight.

Happy Birthday Ike!

Tacos Nuevo Mexico – 489 5th Ave (btw 11th & 12th St) Brooklyn 11215

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