Not trying to be a fast food blog, but I’m amazed at all the hits from my Black Jack Taco Bell post. I figured I’d try to see what happens when I post about White Castle’s new Spicy Buffalo Chicken Rings. What happens when a Chinaman attempts to order these chicken rings? Will I get chicken wings? Like that time I ordered “curry fries” at some bar and they gave me “curly fries.” It’s okay, White Castle understood me. I don’t think Chinese people understand me.

The lady came handing me a bag as she was shaking it. It totally smelled like a bag of hot wings. Inside I could see that they were regular chicken rings, but they put Spicy Buffalo seasoning powder on them –that’s where they shaking came in. Salty and tangy. No need for extra sauce. It wasn’t as messy as eating saucy wet wings, but did leave a light layer of powder on your fingers like you ate a few Cheetos. I think if you like stuff like Burger King Ketchup & Fries Chips, you might like White Castle’s Spicy Buffalo Chicken Rings.

At my neighborhood Whities, they had an admirable charity set up where you give $1 to the LaGuardia Community College Scholarship Fund and you get a big cookie.

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  1. James Patteron

    Do u kno where I can find the recipe that White Castle uses for their White Castle Chicken Rings? I have been looking everywhere.


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