Met up with the Brooklyn Fishing Derby gang at the N.5th and Kent Pier –beautiful and hidden behind the Dubai-esque sky rise condos and construction. A good amount of folks fishing there with kids running around and hipsters sunbathing. Unfortunately they’ve just closed down this pier for the rest of October, suspiciously when the fishing derby ends. I wonder what would happen if the derby ran a few months longer.

Russ and I had a few drinks and sportsmans at the Levy afterwards. There’s a food truck called Eurotrash right next door that I’ve never seen before. It’s in a lot that looks like it’s for a junkyard, small warehouse, an apartment or apparently a recording studio? I heard some drunk girl rave about about the fish and chips and it’ll only be fitting after a day of fishing. It was really good. The fries were Belgium style frites. I’m curious about the meatballs and Bangers and Mash.

EuroTrash Vending Truck – 106 N 3rd St (btw Berry & Wythe) Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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