At the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, they have Ivar’s Fish Bar right across from Anthony’s Fish Bar. I thought it was funny. Now I’m not familiar with these places. But after googling them just now, they are apparently well known Fried Fish & Chip places in Seattle and these are their airport outposts. My thoughts at the time: Ivar’s looks like fast food Captain D’s/Long John Silver. Anthony’s is fancier and is part of the bigger sit-down restaurant. Both about the same price, maybe even a few cents more at Ivar’s. So obvious choice went to Anthony’s for someone that doesn’t know who they are. Got the true cod fish and chips. I liked it. No complaints.

Layover in Los Angeles. My only options in my terminal was Burger King and Gladstone’s Fish. Great, another fish & chips place. The service reminded me of a crowded Denny’s. The table next to me to had this huge martini glass of fried fish & chips (I think in this case potato chips and not fries). It looked like they didn’t even touch it because it was so full, but they were just paying their bill (this is the one in the photo below). Then I saw 2-3 more of those huge fish & chips glasses being taken away from tables that were done. I thought something was fishy. Either they give you so much you can’t possibly finish or they’re just unbearable. I got their “famous” clam chowder. Tasted like thick starchy flour gravy. Burger King isn’t looking so bad now.

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  1. Forbes

    You went to the wrong place Homie!
    Ivar’s Salmon Chowder Changed my life.

  2. Ronja

    Plus, Ivar’s has not only fast-food fish bars, but also several swanky sit downs that are located off the water across the city…


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