A Ramen and Friends bowling party at Williamsburg’s new bowling alley, Brooklyn Bowl …just right around the corner from the burg’s old new bowling alley, the Gutter. This place is huge with a big stage for concerts. The pins have string on the end of them. So when you knock them down, the system just pulls the pins back up and in place. I’ve never seen that before.

The food is by Blue Ribbon. Fancy pants for a bowling alley. I split a burger and brisket platter (meant to order the sandwich, but I think I forgot to say sandwich. I didn’t even know they had a platter) and tried everyone else’s food including the pork rinds, french bread pizza, mac & cheese and veggie sandwich. The burger was average. The pizza was good. The real star was that brisket. I first thought I ate a succulent fatty piece because it melted in my mouth. Turns out it was just super tender meat. I always thought brisket was tougher like a cut of steak. At least that’s what I’ve always been served before and at pretty good BBQ joints. I’ve been corrected.

Brooklyn Bowl – 61 Wythe Ave (btw N 11th & N 12th St) Brooklyn 11211

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