Yesterday, Todd, Russ and I went to check out this new hipster art mini putt-putt course right off the Jefferson L stop. First I wanted to see what food they had around there. It was pretty deserted. Perhaps everyone was at the Grizzly Bear or Lightning Bolt show. However, there really isn’t much out there. I walked into this one Mexican restaurant, Palma’s, and asked for a menu. The lady seemed confused. Then the guy who I think was the owner, told her to get me a menu. Then five seconds later he tells me that the kitchen is closed today. God’s day perhaps? Instead everyone was drinking there.

I did see a lot of youngsters down the road in front of this warehouse looking taco shop –Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos. It looked popular and super cheap. Taquitos $1.50, tacos $2, tortas (Mexican sandwiches) only $3.50. I stood around waiting for someone to take my order, but when I was finally acknowledged they told me to write it down on the index cards. Wow, there wasn’t too many people in front of me, but it sure took a long time to get my food. Perhaps it didn’t help when I added to my index card in the middle and the cashier bumped me out of order. I waited for around twenty minutes from what looked to be a fast to go type of place. As far as the food, I’m confused. Their taquitos look like tacos and their quesadillas look like bigger tacos. It was bland and for some reason the red hot sauce had a seafoody taste. Now looking at Yelp, I don’t get all the good reviews.

The Putting Lot was fun. It wasn’t the most user-friendly mini-golf course, but bigger and more playable than Bushwick Country Club. It was like if you had junk in your backyard and tried to make ramps, tunnels and holes –I mean that in a fun way.

Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos – 271 Starr St. Brooklyn, NY 11237
The Putting Lot – 12 Wyckoff Ave (btw Court St & Smith St) Brooklyn, NY 11201

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