I’ve seen this restaurant down in the heart of the Latino section of Bushwick with it’s dilapidated “Nuevo Leon Restaurant” sign on the front of the building and a decent number of families inside. I tried searching online to find more info and reviews, but no luck. I decided to take my chance and step on in. It turned out to be a Chinese & Spanish restaurant called “Grand Golden Lion” with a good number of Chinese chefs and servers and Latino clientele.

Everyone seemed to be eating steak. I chose the same –Beef steak, fried rice & salad special combination for $7.85. A thin, but giant flank steak. The same cut you’d get when you order beef fried rice or pepper steak from a Chinese restaurant, but one big piece. The fried rice had pork and a few shrimps in it. Not a bad deal. I can see why the locals order it.

The food came out super quick. The table next to us got their food mere minutes after they sat down –fried pork chops, steak, fried rice, egg rolls. I see that they have several cooks, but I don’t know how that makes the food cook faster.

Grand Golden Lion Restaurant – 87 Graham Ave (@ Seigel St) Brooklyn 11206

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  1. Enrique Salazar

    time trip to 1950. ancient waiters. food was OK, but I wouldn’t go back. as I walk past it every day, finally tried it more out of curiosity than out of hunger. for some excellent spanish food, walk away from Nuevo Leon, one block from Graham towards the school (not towards the elevated) and into the market. the Spanish place right next to the open seating area is excellent. light fluffy rice, clean meat, and friendly people. similar prices to Nuevo Leon…but you will enjoy yourself and your lunch.


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