I walked into Hop Woo after wandering around Los Angeles Chinatown in the scorching heat. I definitely needed a beer. I ordered the roast duck on rice with bak choy lunch special for the low price of $4.95 and a Tsing Tao beer.

Now every time I’ve ordered this beer, I’ve always been corrected on the pronunciation. If I say “Sing Towl,” they’ll ask “you mean Ching Towl?” If I say “Ching Towl,” they’ll ask “you mean Sing Towl?” One time, even a white guy corrected. This time at Hop Woo, I got the first part right, but they corrected “Ching Doe.”

The roast duck was good. Great lunch special. Bonus: they have big flat screen TVs playing a Chinese version of the Backstreet Boyz.

Hop Woo – 845 N Broadway (Btwn Alpine & W College St ) Los Angeles 90012

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