It was National Waffle Day yesterday and I was hoping to get my hands on some fried chicken and waffles from Piece of Chicken in Hell’s Kitchen that I’ve heard about from my friends at Tastingmenu and Midtownlunch. Took the trek there but no luck, no waffles. I had to do something. Ashley did suggest making a fried chicken and waffle sandwich for one of my three waffle meals of the day. Instead I used the cheap thin cuts of pork chops I bought the day before –pan fried them up with olive oil, salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and liberal use of Accent (MSG), got some Eggo Buttermilk waffles and stuck them in the oven, bought a plastic container of garden salad and threw on some mayonnaise. This sandwich was pretty darn good. Something about it almost tasted like there was bacon in it …perhaps the combination of the pork, the sweetness of the waffles and the crunchiness of endive lettuce. Even Rusty liked it. Success! …just need to watch out for that bone.
01 Pan Fried Pork Chop
02 Dressing my Pork Chop Waffle Sandwich
03 Pork Chop Waffle Sandwich

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  1. Katie

    There’s some really good photos there, especially the colours in the second one – makes it look really delicious. I’m not convinced on the waffle, but who knows, maybe it tastes awesome?

  2. Jada

    hmmm, i wonder if it’d be good if you cooked the porkchop in a sort of maple syrup marinade. Crazy recipe!


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