I walked around Koreantown LA for lunch. So many choices. I ended up in the Koreantown Plaza Mall which had a big food court with a lot of quality Korean fast food, meaning you get real plates, hot stone bowls for your Bibimbap and silverware. The portions were huge. I was watching these small old Korean ladies eating huge plates of fried cutlet with sides.

I chose Ganji Bawi in the middle. It seemed to have have the biggest line which is a good sign I think. Ordered their Dolsoat Bebeebap (Bibimbap – beef & vegetable with rice in a hot stone pot). I enjoyed it. The rice got nice and crunchy along the edges of the bowl. So much food. I ate about half and was stuffed. How do small old Korean ladies do it?

Looking on Yelp, I suppose it’s not the place to get the best Korean in Koreantown, but sure is interesting. There’s a weird review on there about some guy getting dumped and picking up a chick.

Koreantown Plaza – 928 S Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90006

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