I passed by a tombstone inscription shop in Williamsburg and noticed in the front window that they are now selling fresh baked bread. How interesting. As I walked in, there was a smiling young lady to greet me. She assumed I wanted bread. She was correct and I’m glad that she was. There was a big older guy in a sombrero sitting at a desk, quiet and motionless amongst the room full of tombstones. It was surreal.

The bread looked pretty good and I’ve been interested in getting fresh baked bread lately. I picked the Prosciutto roll for $4. She said they only have this on the weekends. The texture was kind of like those Italian Panettone cakes. The flavor was salty and smoky from the Prosciutto.

Apparently the bread is from Il Fornaretto, which is the girl’s uncle’s bakery in Bensonhurst. I gotta say this was one of my more interesting food blogging moments. I was quite positive I saw a young couple walk in before me, but they were no where to be seen.

Il Fornaretto bread at Grande Monuments – Corner of Graham Ave & Skillman, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY 11211
(update: Here’s a great NY Press write-up on this. In-depth!)

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