On the road to LA, we passed a bunch of roadside fruit stands but finally ended up at Casa de Fruta –a touristy fruit stand attraction also encompassing Casa de Sweets, Casa de Wine and Casa de Choo-Choo. I’d say if they had a zoo, they can call it Me Casa Zoo Casa. baahahaahawaaa!

The wine tasting at Casa de Wine was fun. My favorite was Casa de Sweets where they all this neat Hello Kitty & Super Mario candy, giant Gummi Bears, and huge powdered sugar tubes you can custom make. The best was when these two small Indian kids walked in so wide-eyed. The little boy excitedly said to this dad, “They have kawfee (coffee), they have kawfee, they have kawfee, they have kawfee, they have kawfee …I want kawfee.”

Casa de Fruta – 10021 Pacheco Pass Highway, Hollister CA 95023 USA

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