Right next to Mission District BART station where a lot of strung-out homeless hang, I came across Western Restaurant selling Donuts, Smoothies, Ice Cream and Chinese food. Super cheap at $1 per Chinese item over rice. There wasn’t much left at late afternoon. Pretty much scrapings. The Chinese owners seemed pretty happy to help me choose. I got the stewed fatty pork with daikon over rice in a small take out box for only a buck. Plenty of food for a small meal.

As I walked out, a strung out man with his face peeling off walks right into me with his cup of ice and drops it. Then he starts yelling at me and tells me I owe him a dollar. I didn’t know what to do, mostly because I felt bad for the owners having ice all over their floor so I just stood there looking at the guy. As the guy continued to swear at me and try to scam me out of a dollar for his free ice, the old Chinese owner waves at me to get out of there and don’t bother–he’d take care of him. It’s funny that I was about to fight over ice.

I suppose I was a huge target walking in with my Entourage/Miami night club blazer and skinny jeans. They probably thought I was a Jonas bros.

Western Restaurant and Donut Shop – 2034 Mission Blvd (btw 16th & 17th St) San Francisco, CA 94110
01 Western Restaurant and Donut Shop02 Chinese Pork and Daikon at Western Donut

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