Taking a break from the West Coast bloggin, here’s blood sausage from George’s Spanish & American restaurant in Bushwick near the Flushing JMZ stop. I kept seeing it at a lot of the Latino restaurants and counters down there and was curious. Only $1.50 for a half link (around three inches). Inspecting the innards of the casing, I see grounded dark blood-cooked meat mixed with rice. It was very rich, salty and quite difficult to describe. I suppose it’s what you’d expect if you’re imagining what blood sausage taste like. I only ate two bites before giving in. It would be more ingestible if mixed with a big bowl of fried rice …a big giant bowl with a ton of rice.

George’s Restaurant – 1 Graham Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11206
01 George's Spanish & American Restaurant02 Blood Sausage at George's

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  1. william

    In my 40’s now moved away to NC 5 years ago. Is Georges still open?
    been going there since I was in diapers. Got my wife hooked on it
    and there is no place like it down here…

      • william

        My mom would always take us here, and she is a picky eater.
        So you know they always bring it.
        Appreciate what your doing with the local restaurants.
        Makes it easy planning my vacation.
        Hit all the old food haunts.

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